WhoZou? is the new kind of development space for people who desire more. Your career is about much more than being compensated so you can pay bills, afford a certain lifestyle or keep score. "Career" includes concepts like living out your destiny, enjoying your life's work and fulfilling your purpose. Your uniqueness speaks to all of these issues.

We designed WhoZou? to pair understanding of your uniqueness with micro decision-making that, over time, will align your responsibilities with who you are and what you love to do.


Micro decision-making is the front, middle and back end of our process. Instead of initiating our process with assessments that ask questions and then tell you who you are, we call you to make decisions about whether you love functioning in specific strengths.

Also, every strength you express is transferred across an interpersonal bridge. Bridge-building that recognizes the uniqueness of the parties on both sides infuses relationships with strength that supports much weightier contributions.

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